If you will write a review of Volume 1….I’ll post it here…

I thought I would let you know since Christmas (2020) I have received The Ghost Towns of 174, Olive Hill Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 & fully read all three. I enjoyed every word. Thank You! Each person, each story, each chapter, each vol. was so exciting. It was like I was there with those people. The emotions it brought out of me I can only begin to tell you. I laugh, I cried, I found myself rooting for the good guy, I found myself wanting to take out the bad. I found myself not wanting to put the book I was reading down. Sometimes I would get up in the night just read a few more  chapters.

When/how can I order Volume 2? I’ve gotten to the 1882-1884 segment. You tell a pretty compelling story! I’m ready for more…

I downloaded Olive Hill after I missed you at school the day you stopped by, but between caretaking for two ill parents and balancing the virtual learning duties as we go back and forth between virtual and partial in-person, it’s taken me until this week to finish it. I just wanted you to know I loved it!  The digital links at the end were a welcomed surprise, too!  I found myself reading a lot of those as avidly as I did the book! 

Hi Willie, been waiting for other volume of Olive Hill to be printed. Have so enjoyed the first one. Looking forward to reading #2.

I can’t imagine all the research time to took to write all of that.

Am @ 110 pages. That’s where Samuel is busy getting the saltpeter mining operation going in the caves of the “yet to be named” Olive Hill. I figured that one out from those drawings. I am curious to see how old you let Victoria become before marrying her off to Sammy. That family lineage chart in the awesome Epilogue is always very helpful.

I pulled into Boonesbourough about 10:15 a.m. with Charles and Samuel. A very good read so far. Ya done good Willie.

Okay, I have read the Authors Note to Readers and From Big Bang to May1800. Whew!

Thank you so much for the book! It looks really professional and I am proud to have this.

You must have a memory that saves things like a vault. Evidence: your memory of dribbling the ball to our house and your writing the thickest novel I’ve ever held. And to think it is only Volume 1! At any rate, I’ll be digging into it soon. The size of it is intimidating, but, I’m mustering up the courage to tear into it.

I finished the novel and enjoyed reading it.

I received a package this evening and when the truck pulled up and the young man got out while double tightening his back brace, I knew then your production had arrived. Many of us seniors now read LARGE print books but if that had been in your offering, it would have required a forklift to get it to the porch.

The book looks great. Appearance alone conveys a great deal of time, thought and creativity went into this effort and you are to be commended.

I’m still reading the novel and at the chapter of Sally Ward & Samuel Reed migrating to Mansfield. The novel is delightful and again an “easy-read “. In fact, you can always know when a reader enjoys a story. He/she will research (out of curiosity) the physical area by looking at photos or area maps. That’s how I discovered the photos I am sending you.

You book just arrived. I will read it with interest. I like the quotation at the bottom of p. ix. Accepting that would defuse many of our current political troubles.

I talked to my friend Darlene last night. They are actually leaving this morning for Kentucky. She was really excited about your book and will be calling you when they get back.

I posted about the book on FB tonight and one of my friends shared it and tagged three others, whom I am assuming have O.H. roots. I got a message from another friend who said she was born and raised in O. H. She agreed she would enjoy the book. Pretty cool.

Congratulations on your publication. Your web site looks great and very informative. I wish you much success with the book and your future writing efforts. A check is in the mail so with great anticipation, I look forward to reading my signed copy.

So happy to see you have finished and got your thoughts out to the public. I sent your title to an old friend of mine whose parents are from Olive Hill and encouraged him to grab a copy from Amazon and spread the word to all he knows from the area as they would enjoy the read.

Fantastic Willie!   Can’t wait to read your Novel. Let me know when I can get your personalized Autographed copy. Your dream is coming true. 

Good morning Willie! I shared this with my parents and they will make sure we get a copy of that book. Congratulations on this huge success in publishing. We are so proud to call you our friend. I wish you well and can’t wait to read Olive Hill.

So cool!!!! I would love to have your book. I know it’s been a labor of love!!!! Glad you got it done!

COOL! I’ll give it a read. I have ordered, as shown by the receipt below.

Hey Willie, congrats on the new book! I look forward to reading some of it..804 pages!?!

Just ordered one, Willie. Nice to see no grass is growing under your feet. Way to go!

I ordered your book on Amazon and cannot wait to read it.

Willie, we got your book info in the mail today. Congratulations! We want your book! Give us a call and we can make arrangements to pick it up. Looking forward to meeting up with you.

Order Olive Hill.