Olive Hill (Volume 1 and 2) is Willie’s fifth book. There are four others. They may be ordered directly from Amazon.

Published in 2012, The Ghost Towns of 174 identifies four generations of the Davis family. It explores six communities along a lazy 11- mile stretch of road in Northeast Kentucky that once thrived but are now just a shadow of their past. Ghost Towns also explores time, historical cycles, and Kentucky’s great out-migration in the 40s and 50s. See contents. See some Davis/Hall family pictures in the book. Buy from Amazon.

Published in 2016, Beyond Start Up Lane is written for start-up entrepreneurs. A marketing crash-course framed to close the gap between what start-ups know and what they need to beg, borrow, or buy before scaling their business. Beyond Start-Up Lane asks 100 marketing questions to trigger a start-up’s thinking and test their marketing smarts. See the 100 questions. Buy from Amazon.

Published in 2016, Furniture Phraseology is a collection of 842 advertising home furnishings phrases Willie used in his 19 years writing print and electronic copy for furniture retailers. Covers every room in the house and all major furniture categories. Written to raise eyebrows. See sample phrases and two of Willie’s favorites. Buy from Amazon.

Published in 2008, The Legion of Marketing Heroes is a testament to the saying, “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.” It was Willie’s first book and it was bad. Audio book only. No print copies. Thankfully. It is not available for purchase anywhere, including from the author. For those interested, the book shows how four superheroes, CLAIR-VOYANT, Factoid, Communicator, and Experiencer helps a furniture retailer who was circling the drain not circle the drain. Again, not available anywhere…

Produced in 2010, Choices is a 9 minute 43 second video that adapts Jack London’s classic story To Build a Fire. It was produced to prepare people for change, whether it be organizational or individual. It sparks the fire of personal responsibility while reducing resistance to change. See the video. It is not for sale, but can be used with Willie’s written permission. Note: (Swedish artist/animator)…

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