Volume 2 follows the Reed family from September, 1884 thru June, 1959. Here are some excerpts from the first few chapters of Timeline 7 (1900) …

Lawton’s center had shifted to the Raybourn store and everything expanded out from there. There was a winding trail that veered off the Midland Trail just west of Olive Hill. It crossed the Tygarts and snaked its way across the railroad tracks numerous times through Lawton, Enterprise, Soldier and on into Rowan County. It did not follow the railroad tracks.

Throughout the winter of 1893-94, Zeke worked little, by choice. The first task he did after they moved into the house was to reestablish the Reed family cemetery on the hill behind the house. John was right, the view was spectacular. It was perfect grazing land and there was a small pond about a quarter mile back from the top of the hill.

Both Gar and Glyn were still working for Mr. Eifort. Gar was a foreman at the School House Mine and Glyn was driving the mule teams that pulled the trams back and forth from the mine to the railroad.

George wanted to build 24 down-draft kilns which would produce 70,000 to 80,000 bricks per day. To Zeke, that was an aggressive number. That would require, according to Peters, four or five tons of clay for every 1,000 bricks and probably 100 tons of coal per week.

In March Zeke Reed knew nothing about the plasticity and air shrinkage of firebricks. But as the end of April approached, he felt he had expert knowledge.

“Mr. Webb said that over the next ten years or so, there will be a lot of geologists poking holes into Olive Hill hills to see what fireclays are where, in what quantity, and accessibility. He was flat out sure that some future mines will have all three grades of fireclay while other mines will have only flint or semi-flint fireclay.”.

..Addy got up from the table and walked over and gave Gar a huge hug. “Do I know her?”… “I don’t think so,” replied Gar. “She’s Ida Rose Fogel. She lives with her family up Smokey Valley.”… “How did you meet her?”…“The family comes to Olive Hill on Saturday for supplies. I saw her at the store and was immediately smitten with her.”.. Zeke thought the word ‘smitten’ was odd….“And then what happened?” continued Addy.

The C&O Railroad had covered all expenses to have Emrick’s body returned to Carter County. At Zeke’s and Addy’s request Emrick’s body be transported to Lawton. Zeke, Addy, and the children had gone to Olive Hill the day before and spent time with Bertie, Glyn, and Gar. No one knew where Mabe was to tell him of his father’s death.

“Husband, when was the last time I told you I loved you?” asked Addy as she reached over and squeezed his hand as it rested on the rocker. Zeke just smiled. “I think it’s been a long time. Why don’t you tell me again?” Addy remained silent. She knew he knew. “Zeke, when did you know you loved me?” Zeke didn’t have to hesitate. “It was the moment you turned around in church that Sunday morning and started singing. I felt something inside that I had never felt before. It felt like my whole insides were going to burst.” He looked at her. “When did you know you loved me?”… “When father brought you to the house from the Soldier sawmill.”

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